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   New Information About Mozart:

   This website contains some New information about Mozart, with

   some of it supplied by Dr. Michael Lorenz (and already documented

   by Lorenz on his website - simply repeated here).  

   Elaborated further within. 


   The original purpose of this Website - "Mozart's Musical Trademark" -

   has been greatly expanded.

   Discussion and Commentary of various subjects has evolved into some

   Discoveries - New Information presented under various topics, as well

   as presenting and utilizing some of the discoveries made by Michael



   My Comments have also been added to this page.     




   My New Information:

   * Mozart had a Musical Trademark and used it often.  

      (Discovered in the early 1960's - approximately 1962.)

      Placed on the Web in 2001 with this Website. 


   * The Song "Als Luise", K.520, might be related to "Aloysia Weber",

      but with Mozart taking on the role of Luise in this Piece.

      ("As Luise burned the Letters of her unfaithful Lover.")

      A sad and gripping Piece.  See the FAQ Topic.     

      (Mozart was not aware that Aloysia's Mother was a Meddler who fouled

      up his romance with her.  Meddlers are a CURSE on the world!!)


   * Meistermusik is almost certainly authentic, with expanded evidence

      beyond what Philippe Autexier found.


   * A "Collection of Pieces" (8 Pieces) from 1785 has been discovered.

      These are all known Pieces or Fragments, but taken together as a

      group, illustrate that something very strange was going on with

      Mozart in 1785.  Example: The Dissonant Quartet.

      Meistermusik and The Masonic Funeral Music are 2 of those Pieces,

      also composed in 1785.

      See the Meistermusik Topic.     


   *  I have listed part of Mozart's Catalog in 3 places:

      1. A partial copy of his Catalog as he wrote it.

      2. The Partial Catalog with events interspersed.

      3. The Partial Catalog with events interspersed, again. 

      (I have a copy of Mozart's Thematic Catalog.)

      This possibly relates Pieces to Events, and might add meaning to

      those Pieces.  

      See the Meistermusik Topic.


  *  The Masonic Funeral Music might have been written partially or

      mostly for Mozart's Mother, since she apparently didn't receive a

      Funeral, and Mozart's previous musical tribute to her was somewhat

      lightweight compared with the MFM.


  *  Meistermusik and The Masonic Funeral Music were probably written

      for multiple, complex reasons. 


  *  Composing the Requiem might have haunted Mozart with the memory

      of his Mother's death and the repeated accusation from Leopold that

      Mozart had killed his own Mother. That might explain why he didn't

      spend much time working on it, and never finished it.

      Just like the 2 other unfinished FRAGMENTS about women in anguish.    

      Mozart was apparently unable to finish compositions dealing with women

      in anguish, which might include the unfinished Requiem, reminding him

      of his Mother's suffering and death (she suffered in Mozart's presence, and

      Mozart was frantic with fear, etc), as well as Leo's accusation that Mozart

      was responsible for her death.

      The Requiem remained a Torso - a Fragment he never finished.

      There were several reasons he didn't finish the Requiem (Operas, etc),

      but perhaps One PRIMARY reason: It was a REMINDER of his Mother's

      Suffering and her Death, and a REMINDER that he was partially responsible

      for her Death, and a REMINDER that Leopold accused him of causing his

      Mother's Death, so he couldn't bring himself to work on it very much,

      or finish it.

      Mozart had a history of not finishing Songs about "Women in Anguish", and

      the Requiem might be one of them (even though the Requiem is not a "Song"

      and it's not about women, per se, but it IS a Choral Piece with "painful" text).    


  *  Mozart's Death:  At least SIX Causes can be identified (usually only ONE

      or TWO Causes are listed by Doctors).       


  *  A new perspective on Mozart's Mother.

      She remained largely in the background.

      We bring her into the Foreground, and take a look at her life.

      My opinion:  Startling, Sad, and Tragic, with wonderful things mixed in. 

      She followed Leopold's orders, and ended up dying, mostly because of

      him. Very sad. 


  *  A new perspective on Leopold - Wolfgang's Father. 

      My opinion:  He was mostly a SKUNK in later years. Good Riddance!! 

      He was right to insist that Wolfgang should get a job and move out, but

      Leo was too harsh, he ignored his wife's Illness and Age, he ignored

      Wolfgang's Age, etc, etc.  It all ended in Tragedy, and Leo must shoulder

      most of the blame.  Proof: He treated his wife with callous indifference to

      her plight (Sick, in Pain, Cold, Lonely, and Too Old), then she died, and he

      never admitted his guilt, but blamed Wolfgang instead.

      (Wolfgang was PARTIALLY at fault, but Leo was MOSTLY at fault.)  

      A Good, Loving, Caring person would never behave like that.

      She was without her family for company and support.

      Her presence on the Job Hunting Trip was apparently "Symbolic".

      She had no duties.  She had no Female companionship.

      She didn't visit any relatives on the way, as far as I know. 

      The normal "Trip Director" (Leo) was back in Salzburg (unable to obtain

      a Leave of Absence from his Job).

      To some extent, the trip was a trip to Hell for her. 

      There's nothing to exonerate Leo for his treatment of his wife.

      There's no "Controversy" here.

      Leo was Scum and a Skunk during this period, and later in Life. Period.

      Leo used Wolfgang as his unpaid employee when Wolfgang was young,

      and later, sacrificed his Wife at the Altar of all-consuming Greed and

      Hatred of Wolfgang, evicting him from the house at ANY cost.

      In a way, Leo had far more Common Sense than Wolfgang, but far less

      compassion, and no Imagination for what his son could be.    

      Leo, the scheming Father, finally showed his true colors when he helped

      to kill his own wife, and blamed Wolfgang for it.  Pathetic.   


  *  The MTM might have evolved to be related to the 3 large Pyramids at Giza,

      or to "33rd Degree Freemason" since one of the 4 "Air Shafts" in the Great

      Pyramid is angled at 33 Degrees, and is part of the depiction of a massive

      Earthquake that struck Egypt in the distant past.

      The MTM is "2 Chords of 3 Notes, Twice" or "33".

      There might be no MTM connection to Ancient Egypt, but as a Freemason,

      Mozart undoubtedly found the subject interesting.

      Freemasonry has an obscure, Ancient Egyptian connection.    

      The MTM would not have ORIGINALLY represented anything Egyptian,

      but might have EVOLVED to represent Pyramids or an Air Shaft, in part. 

      (Most people are unaware of the meanings encoded in the Giza Pyramids,

      and we present that here.)



  My Highlighted and Collected Information:

  *  The strange situation of "Missing and Moved Mozart's and Friends".

      Known information collected in a single article, with comments.

      It's not just Wolfgang Mozart who is missing!!  


  *  An inventory of Count Deym's Waxworks and Art Gallery.

      No new information, but the information is often hard to find. 

      We put a spotlight on it, here.  



  My Comments:

      Many comments. 

      Here are a few of them: 


   * The movie "Amadeus" was an attack on Western Civilization by

      attacking one of its greatest Icons: Mozart. 

      Beautiful Music, Beautiful Scenery, Good Acting, and an INSULT

      to Mozart, the Man.

      Mozart was portrayed as:

             "A Deep Thinker and a Giggling Fool". 

      Its "Mozart" portrayal is "New World Order" Communist GARBAGE.

      "Mozart The Giggling Fool" might have come from an NWO Slimeball -

      a Sick, Sickly, Perverted, and Demented Swamp Creature. (And worse.)

      (I've seen his picture. He looks like "Death Warmed Over". Revolting!!) 

      Some of these people are Monsters. Some look ALREADY DEAD. 

      That's the NWO Slimeball. They took over Hollywood and they need

      to be kicked out because they're SICK LIARS.    

      See what they did to Mozart's Reputation??  They TRASHED Mozart!!!

      And they TRASHED a Western Icon - a Hero in the Music World.

      Even my non-Classical-Music friends were STUNNED at the mocking

      and juvenile portrayal of Mozart!!

      (I don't go to movies, anymore.)

      You can enjoy Mozart without seeing or renting that Movie. 

      Mozart was actually a VERY MATURE AND WISE Man as an Adult.

      And a very GOOD and DECENT Man. 

      See the FAQ for the "Amadeus" Review.     


  *  "Mind Reading" is difficult or impossible with people who have been dead

      for over 200 years.


  *  Sometimes we have to speculate because we don't have the information.

      But speculation should be reasonable and based on Logic, etc.  

      Jumping to conclusions with no Evidence and no thought involved is a

      waste of time.


  *  A claim of a "MISTAKE" requires Evidence, just like any other claim.

      It doesn't deserve a Free Pass.

      The Claimers don't always supply Evidence for their claims. 

      That's because they don't always HAVE any Evidence.

      If they HAD the Evidence, they would present it in order to PROVE

      their point, or at least to partially justify their view.

      Without Evidence, they're just making unproven Claims.

      There's no compelling reason to believe them.   


  *  The Freemasons have been hiding things for hundreds of years.

      They even admit it. Mozart was a Freemason.

      Mozart and some others hid a few things.


  *  Mozart recorded a strange date for The Masonic Funeral Music that seems

      to make no sense. But it DOES make sense if you understand what he was

      trying to do. It's a bit complex, but the situation was also complex.

      Understanding it reveals Clarity, and much more.


  *  I don't think that Mozart and Nancy Storace were lovers, but they were VERY

      close. Too close for comfort for Mozart's wife, Constance.

      Some of her behavior is probably related to that close relationship.

      Mind Reading on my part??  No. Just observations plus elementary Psychology

      and speculation.    



 Saved Information from a Closed Website:

 *  DEEST Pieces by Mozart (And now with Numbers assigned).

 *  LOST Pieces by Mozart.   



 New Information from Michael Lorenz: 

  *  Nancy Storace's infant daughter died on July 17th, 1785. 

      (In my opinion, this was probably one of the reasons Mozart wrote

      Meistermusik - a choral Piece with words speaking of sadness and



  *  Mozart was almost certainly buried in a Coffin - not in a sack (or naked).

      The Vienna City Council never approved the Emperor's Edict that everyone

      must be buried in a sack (or without a coffin).

      Coffins were preferred by the citizens.


  *  Mozart moved to a new apartment in 1788 for several reasons, but NOT

      to save money.  His new rent was the same or similar to his old rent.

      In fact, his new rent was very HIGH compared with the other apartments.

      Mozart didn't save any money in rent by moving there. 


  *  A "Casino" in Mozart's time was more of a "Men's Club"  for socializing

      (my verbiage) - not a place of gambling.

      Gambling was illegal in Austria, except for the State Lottery.

      So if Mozart visited Casinos in Vienna, he didn't go there to gamble. 


  * An infant child born to Wolfgang and Constance in 1789, but who died

     shortly after birth, was a GIRL - not a boy. 

     Proof: The Baptismal records at the Church.  Name: Anna Maria. 

     You can ignore the generic statement by the Vienna City Council or some other

     city official which mistakenly stated that the child was a boy ("Kristian", meaning

     "Male Christian" or "John Doe" instead of "Kristina" meaning "Female Christian"

     or "Jane Doe").    

     The child did not have a given name until baptized by the church later.

     The official knew only that the child had died, and made a mistake on the gender.   

     The Mozart's never had a boy named Kristian (a "John Doe" name).

     They had a girl in 1789 named Anna Maria who died shortly after birth, and

     was baptized as "Anna Maria" at the church, taken there by the Parents.  

     See the topic "Missing and Moved Mozarts and Friends".


  * Librarians and Archivists have never heard of a so-called "Mozart Expert"

     who claimed to have visited their locations.


  * Librarians and Archivists have never heard of some Libraries and Archives

     supposedly visited by a so-called "Mozart Expert".


 * The Baden Police Station did not exist until the 1800's, and they have never

    kept track of people coming and going from their City.   


 * Some Amateur, non-musician, non-German speaking so-called "Mozart Experts"

    would NEVER be allowed to examine priceless Original Mozart Documents -

    especially if they don't even speak German, and certainly can't read "Old German"

    of the 1700's and 1800's (the Flowery Script or the next version of printed German). 

    It's absurd.  

    You need to be German or Austrian, at a minimum, to examine the good

    stuff (or perhaps prove that you can read and speak German fluently, and

    prove that you can read Old German, where applicable), be a musician, and

    be an educated Professional Musician - preferably a PhD.    

    That's important to know before you set out on your "Mozart Research Tour"

    of the Libraries and Archives. You might not get to First Base in your Quest.

    The European Libraries and Archives don't cater to Amateurs, and they certainly

    don't let you examine non-existent "Mozart Collections" - especially if you're

    invisible, or the Library doesn't even exist.     


 * Lorenz puts his trust in ORIGINAL Documents and Locations - not so much

    in copies.  Copies are often missing important information.


 * And more....    


 My Opinion of THIS Website:

 * There is a LOT of good information here!!

    The "Meistermusik/Masonic Funeral Music" article is TOO LONG.

    Sorry. My apologies.

    I should have had a Plan and an Outline, but I didn't.

    Cutting it down to a smaller size with a better organization has proven to be

    very difficult!!    

    But if you can wade through the entire article, you should be able to learn quite

    a few things, in my opinion, and gain some new perspectives on Mozart's

    Life and his Music, from about 1785 forward, with information stitched together

    from multiple sources. 

    But even with a Plan and an Outline, the Meistermusik Article still would

    have been quite LENGTHY.  There's a lot of information in it. 

    The other articles are shorter.